Monday, February 14, 2011

Well Now, Just Hold On A Minute

Valentine's Day.

The one holiday dreaded by single people, and sane people, every year. People are running around to buy last minute jewelry, chocolates, and other presents for their significant others. They're spending money on useless items, just because we need another holiday in the 365 days of the year. Apparently the many others that we have just weren't cutting it on how much money we were spending.

I may sound cynical and whiney, but I'm not I promise.  My boyfriend and I are celebrating Valentine's Day this year, I even went as far as to get him a card and some chocolates. We are even going out to a nice dinner and then to the dollar theater for a nice evening.

It's the crazies that spend ridiculous amounts of money on jewelry and reservations at overpriced restaurants, where the food is exactly the same all year round but mysteriously different and more expensive on this one day, that bother me. Seriously, find something better to spend your money on. I'll suggest a college education for you. OR we can start a "help Gabi not be poor" fund, I promise that I'll put your money to good use.

Regardless, the point I'm trying to make is rather simple; "Don't spend ridiculous amounts of money on Valentine's Day!"

If it weren't for all of the marketing that has ruined the point of this holiday, I would actually love it.  That is what Valentine's Day is really about, loving the people that you're close to. Not how much who spent on what.

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