Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Moving On To New Things

I guess I'll start this one with, YAY! I MOVED!

It is so nice to wake up every morning and not smell smoke or worry that I'll get sick again because of how terrible the air is that I'm breathing. The first morning that I woke up I felt like I was at a hotel. To add to the 'newness' of this transition into a new home, I now have roommates! Lucky for me one of those roommates is my boyfriend, and the other is a really good friend. I think that this year in this new place is going to be one of the best.

All I have to do to close out my last home is paint and move out the couch and washer/dryer, and finally hand the keys over.

Now onto the other things:

1. My migraines are getting worse and more frequent. This probably is not a good thing, and I should probably get this looked at.

2. I finally found a job, but it wasn't in the way that I wanted to, or the job that I wanted. Meaning, I'm probably going to be working at a bar called Diamond Dave's and need a new job again, soon.

3. I will now officially have my liquor license AND my concealed carry license. This doesn't really seem like a really good combination to me. Am I even allowed to have both? Strange, seems sort of contradictory.

4. My sister is having her baby shower this weekend and I couldn't be more ecstatic for her! I can't wait to have a new nephew in the family!!

5. I'm not exactly sure when I'm going to graduate anymore, I could have sworn it was December. Now I'm not so sure. Either way, I'll graduate in the next year. Hopefully.

Well that's all I guess. Sorry that this blog is in list form, it seemed like the best way to get all the random information out there without confusing the two readers that I have.

Anyway, here's a bit of random information:

The bumblebee bat is the smallest mammal on Earth. It weighs less than a penny. (strange right?)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Well Now, Just Hold On A Minute

Valentine's Day.

The one holiday dreaded by single people, and sane people, every year. People are running around to buy last minute jewelry, chocolates, and other presents for their significant others. They're spending money on useless items, just because we need another holiday in the 365 days of the year. Apparently the many others that we have just weren't cutting it on how much money we were spending.

I may sound cynical and whiney, but I'm not I promise.  My boyfriend and I are celebrating Valentine's Day this year, I even went as far as to get him a card and some chocolates. We are even going out to a nice dinner and then to the dollar theater for a nice evening.

It's the crazies that spend ridiculous amounts of money on jewelry and reservations at overpriced restaurants, where the food is exactly the same all year round but mysteriously different and more expensive on this one day, that bother me. Seriously, find something better to spend your money on. I'll suggest a college education for you. OR we can start a "help Gabi not be poor" fund, I promise that I'll put your money to good use.

Regardless, the point I'm trying to make is rather simple; "Don't spend ridiculous amounts of money on Valentine's Day!"

If it weren't for all of the marketing that has ruined the point of this holiday, I would actually love it.  That is what Valentine's Day is really about, loving the people that you're close to. Not how much who spent on what.

I Just Did What?

Do you ever have that feeling like what you just did, or said, was the completely wrong choice? I've had too many of those recently. I'm not going to go into details about what exactly happened, just know that I had one of the "oh s@*#" moments.

I know that everyone has these moments in life, but when it happens to you it seems more real. We always criticize ourselves more than others do. I think that this is both a good thing and a bad thing.

It's a good thing when we are harsh on ourselves because it allows us to see our own flaws. By being able to see our flaws we can finally correct them, and move on through life as a better more productive person. This reminds me a lot of the "try and try again method". Mistakes are what make us better people, without mistakes we would never learn what is right or wrong, or how to accomplish a task the right way. With the right motivation we can accomplish anything we want, whenever we want. You can be who you want to be, no matter how much of a fool you feel like at times.

The downside of being harsh on ourselves after these instances is that we are typically too hard on ourselves.  Usually we see the situation as being worse than it is, when in fact it wasn't that bad and will end up being a good thing. I don't know about anyone else but speaking for myself, if I'm too hard on myself I feel like I can't get where I want to be, or do what I want to do.  Too many instances of failing or making a fool of myself can get me down, especially if I'm bringing myself down at the same time.

To the one, maybe two people reading this blog: Don't be too hard on yourself! Don't be afraid to make mistakes! It's failing that makes us better people, makes us able to succeed fully when we finally get it right.
Failing makes us learn and grow.