Monday, January 31, 2011

The Ultimately Awesome Account of Me Being Tired

Well it's almost the end of the day, meaning school day. There is nothing else productive that I am required to do today after this.  Thank God.  I think I could probably fall asleep sitting up right now.

In the last post that I wrote I mentioned how much the people that live below me smoke, well it's affecting my sleeping. The smell in my apartment is literally so bad that I can't sleep without a window open and the fan on. Keep this in mind while reading the next few sentences.

Last night I'm trying to go to sleep early because I have a morning class at 8, I am seriously starting to regret this decision by the way. So I get in bed at midnight which is actually early for me, and I get comfortable and I'm almost asleep when some imbecile across the street decides to work on his car.

Now, I'm not really a car person. By this I mean that about all I can do is pump gas and change a tire, I actually love old muscle cars and trucks, but I am the opposite of talented when something on my car breaks. This being said it's obvious I don't know anything about the mechanics of working on cars. However, I do know that at one in the morning working on your car doesn't/shouldn't consist of hammering loudly on something metal with something equally as dense and metal; and then proceeding to rev your engine for 10 second intervals every few minutes. I mean, seriously? Where was this guys common sense? How did he even see his car?

All of this normally wouldn't be a problem if I didn't have to have my windows open to breathe like a normal human being.

That being said, I'm exhausted. I think I'll go home and relax. Maybe.

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  1. you should've been that person that just yells "SHUT THE FUCK UP! WORK ON YOUR CAR ANOTHER TIME!!!" and have you talked to your neighbors below you? it's kinda a long shot, but maybe they'll listen to you and sit next to a window or something so the smoke doesn't get into the air ducts? Idk, just a thought...