Tuesday, March 29, 2011

She Made Me Do It

Well. I have recently been informed of how lax I have been on my blogging.


For all the rest of you reading this blog I'm sure you also realize that I haven't really posted in quite a while.
I would like to say it's because my life has been incredibly interesting, and just chock full of fantastic adventures and stories to share. Unfortunately, as it is in most normal non-millionaire/non-movie fantasy ride off in the sunset lives, nothing really has been going on. Sad day, I know.

I can however state proudly that I am now once again a living breathing WORKING person. Thank GOD.
My old job at the Starbucks in Alpharetta was kind enough to hire me and start me working again. The sad news in this wonderful situation is that my entire paycheck basically goes to gas; because my 24 gallon tank wouldn't get good gas milage if I got down on my hands and knees and begged it to.

I guess my weeks in absence haven't been so futile that I have nothing to write about. In the past few weeks I have: been to Florida on Spring Break and gone to Bike Week in Daytona (an epic experience that I'll be sure to talk about in my next blog), I have successfully been a diversion(without knowing it I might add) for my friend Sarah so her FIANCE could go buy her the most beautiful wedding ring(also to be talked about in a future blog, notice me keeping my options open), AND been to a beautiful wedding for a very happy and beautiful couple(I'm sure this will make it into future blogs as well, again with the options open thing).

So in ending this blog post as I am being rushed out the door.

Random fact number 2:
A cat has 32 muscles in each ear.

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